William J. Clinton opened his speech to the 2016 Democrat Convention in Philadelphia by saying, “In the spring of 1971, I met a girl”– he would meet many, many more over the next few decades. Although instead of making these girls his wife, he would use his power and position to coax them into giving him oral sex and submit to sex– he became infamous for this unique set of skills. He didn’t mention that his wife berated many of these women after the fact. The message Bill gave was disingenuous, and many, and if not most, voters know that he painted a false picture, but many are too young to know.

But “Slick Willy” skipped over these parts of his life and instead soft-pedaled his romance with Hillary Clinton talking about walks to the art museum, the law school days, Hillary’s work with women and their struggles for equal pay, her work with African Americans and the criminal justice system, and similar worthy causes. Bill conveniently mentioned states such as Ohio (Swing states) as he addressed Hillary’s early accomplishments.” She never made fun of people with disabilities” Bill said, out of the blue, an apparent reference to Donald Trump’s encounter with a disabled reporter during the Republican Primary.

He had to ask Hillary three times before she agreed to marry him. “I was still in awe of her after four years of being around her,” he said. In 1979, just after Bill became Gov. of Arkansas, Hillary’s water broke, and soon after that, Chelsea was born. It was “the best days of his life”, the Halloween parties and the regular parenting things became so important to Bill. “As our lives settled into family things,” the next decade flew by quickly (Bill was elected as Gov. in 1982).

“If you believe in making a change from the bottom up”… (he didn’t finish his point). His comments about Hillary were often disjointed and incomplete: He said if you sat next to her at a dinner table, you would know that she was never satisfied… but he didn’t tie this and many other comments into a logical point. He did tout her experience in the Senate and her service as Secretary of State. “She so loved being a Senator from New York (again, dropping another potential swing state). “She launched a team to beat terrorists online” and “worked hard to empower women and girls from around the world” he added.

He accused the Republicans of “making things” up about Hillary. You have to choose which version to believe the real or made-up version of Hillary. Earlier today you nominated the real one”, he told the aroused delegates. “She is the best darn change-maker I have ever known. You could drop her in any trouble spot, and somehow she would have made it better.” She will never quit on you.” On immigration, he said if you are a Muslim, and hate terror, stay here and help us make it better. To African Americans, he said, “help us make it safe to walk outside for everyone, including the people in blue.”

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