The body of Gabriela Calzada, 19, was found Wednesday in a Los Angeles park.


Gabriela Calzada (19)

The body of 17-year-old Briana Nicole Gallegos was found in a Los Angeles park.

Briana Nicole Gallegos (17)

A woman walking her dog on a hiking trail at Ernest E. Debs Regional Park in Montecito Heights, 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California, discovered the bodies of a young woman and a teenage girl Wednesday. The victims have been identified as 19-year-old Gabriela Jennifer Calzada and 17-year-old Briana Nicole Gallegos. The two had suffered from blunt-force head trauma and were found fully clothed, and there were no immediate signs of sexual assault. It is not clear whether they were killed somewhere else and then dropped in the bushes adjacent to the park trail. The park has been the sight of gang activities in the past, and these recent events have frightened some locals who say they are now too scared to venture into the park. Last year, police had sought the help of the public to identify a man who had been involved in attacks on three different women. One of the women had been groped, another said a man had approached her, exposed himself, and then fled. This case remains a mystery.

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