Book Review of “Fire and Fury– Inside the Trump White House”


This book consists of a multitude of criticisms of President Trump’s administration thus far and events leading up to the President’s stunning victory. Wolf starts by proclaiming that nobody in the Trump campaign expected to win the 2016 election but his “campaign warriors,” and Trump himself, “were ready to lose with fire and fury.”

Many of the details in this book are old news, including such innocuous minutia as the Mercer’s early involvement in the campaign, Corey Lewandowski’s affair with Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway’s belief that her candidate would suffer a “cataclysmic defeat,” Steve Bannon was in the fight to promote his isolationist and anti-globalist agendas and tough stand on immigration—and he was a shabbily dressed snake, Trump was a “notorious womanizer,” etc.

Bannon figures heavily in the book, and Wolff characterizes him as an “alfa male. A 1950’s man, a Rat Pack type, a character out of “Mad Men.” He has few kind words for Bannon throughout the 300-plus pages of this editorialized- styled liberal hit-piece. Bannon’s ties to “Breitbart” news, his three failed marriages, his lack of experience (“Other than Trump himself, Bannon was certainly the oldest inexperienced person ever to work in the White House.”) “Bannon was rather a movie figure himself. A type. Alcohol. Bad marriages. Cash-strapped in a business where the measure of success is excesses of riches. Ever scheming. Ever disappointed.”

Wolff continues by asserting the existence of division among Bannon and family members—most notably Bannon’s riff with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner—Bannon thought Ivanka was “dumb as a brick.” (“Jared and Ivanka were gleeful at the prospect of Bannon’s ouster.”) Wolff discusses the origin of the Trump-Putin conspiracy (again, old news—nothing new in the book). He attacks Trump’s competency –he doesn’t read up on the issues—“ He seemed to lack the ability to take in third-party information.” Wolff doesn’t let the incestuous theory get by—“Hicks, sponsored by Ivanka and ever loyal to her, was in fact thought of as Trump’s real daughter, while Ivanka was thought of as his real wife.”

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