A former long-term lover of Bill Clinton (perhaps, one of the longest of his many trysts—author, Dolly Kyle first met “Billy” when she was 11-years-old) purports to write a tell-all memoir of the affair sparing few details other than the explicit sexual acts.

They both hailed from Hot Springs, Arkansas and attended schools together, shared mutual friends and kept a steady romance from these early days until the latter part of Clinton’s second term as President. Without a doubt, she perceives Billy as a sexual pervert with numerous female victims, some of which she says he raped.

Kyle describes Clinton as an untreated sexual addict: She concedes that she suffers from the same addiction but has sought treatment for it. Hillary Clinton was aware of the affair, as she was of many of the others, but chose to put up with Bill’s illicit behavior so she could ride his coattails to her political gain.

She describes Hillary as a sloppy, evil, revengeful, racist (“Watch the way Hillary treats anyone ‘beneath’ her, especially young black women”) psychopath who will stop at nothing to advance her political career.

Bill is essentially a “narcissist who disregards the comforts, needs, schedules, and convenience of other people.” Apart from her description of the famous couple’s psychological disorders, Kyle paints them as common thieves and liars.

Armed with substantial anecdotal, and some verifiable evidence, Kyle advances a scorching indictment of the Clintons and the mainstream media that continues to overlook their lies and corruptive activities.

She blasts Clinton backers, such as Jane Mayer (Fluff piece writer for the “New Yorker” and wife of an editor of the Washington Post) and Sidney Blumenthal for mistreating her in the press. She says that Hillary has a list of over 900 people with dirt on them, and that is why so many influential people are afraid to confront her.

She resurrects the sexual acts of Monica and others at the White House and predicts that the millennials will not give Hillary a pass for her mistreatment of Bill’s many victims.

She opined that Bill Cosby’s current Dilemma might recharge the faded outrage over Billy’s acts and her maltreatment of these women. Excellent and believable book.

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