Book Review of “One Vote Away” By Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz, a sitting U.S. Senator from Texas and former leading appellate court practitioner, lays out a fascinating explanation of how the Supreme Court works. He zeros in on eight timely constitutional subjects such as Roe v Wade, free speech, law and order (Miranda, search and seizure, death penalty), the electoral process, and other areas.

You may disagree with Cruz over his stance on various political and substantive legal positions, but this book provides a substantial and exciting inside perspective on the Supreme Court. Moreover, the book explains how important a single vote from a Justice can be.

Normally the court consists of nine members- eight Associate Justices and Chief Judge John Roberts. Presently, the court has seven associates and the Chief owing to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Three of the Associate Justices regularly subscribe to the liberal perspective and tend to legislate from the bench. Roberts is all over the map on his rulings and seems to be a disappointment. He may be overly concerned about how he is viewed by the public—especially from the leftist media.

Next week’s confirmation of Amy Barret should bring the court to the right, thereby alleviating the stress caused by Robert’s inconsistent and troubling rulings.

Cruz sets forth in detail how appellate lawyers work tirelessly to frame appellate issues and employ strategies including framing facts all-a-long, keeping in mind Justice’s past rulings and mindsets.

Cruz includes numerous personal references to judges and other legal scholars he has worked with. He details his experience while working as a law clerk– including his former boss, Chief Judge Rehnquist.

There are several touching moments, such as how he met his wife and his prolonged plans to propose to her. Cruz can be a sentimental and funny guy.

You don’t have to be a lawyer to enjoy this book—it reads in a commonsense style. I recommend this book.

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