A Brief Book Review of Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns. and One Intact Glass Ceiling

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Author, Amy Chozick

The author writes interestingly in this memoir about her ten-year coverage of Hillary Clinton’s campaigns as a New York Times (NYT’S ) reporter. Amy Chozick started reporting on Clinton during her bid to defeat former President Obama in the 2008 Democratic Primary and then the 2016 Clinton/Trump campaign.

Chozick provides a unique insight into the day-to-day details of the trials and tribulations of a reporter’s intense occupation with chasing Hillary around the country. The job was especially exasperating given the actual possibility of witnessing first-hand the election of the first woman president (FWP) and the competition between the reporters—including her fellow NYT’S comrades. Few details of her travels, including the sparse accommodations, afforded the reporters, is spared.

To make matters even more extreme, Chozick is juggling a more than a full-time job with keeping her new marriage together. She believes that Hillary and the “Brooklyn” (campaign headquarters) people don’t like her, especially after she wrote a couple of stories that were anti-Clinton Foundation leaning.

Chozick writes an informative behind-the-scenes description of how the reporters and Clinton Staff reacted to the Clinton Loss. She also highlights the many Clinton campaign failures and Trump’s strengths. Chozick presents a fascinating read.


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