Can long hair lead to extrasensory perception?

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Meet Alena Anufrieva, a lawyer, 31, who lives in Dnieper, Ukraine. This girl has not been cutting her hair for 12 years! And it’s truly long. According to Alena herself, the length of her hair has reached 180 cm. She monthly spends $100 on hair care products – shampoo, conditioners, coconut oil, etc. She is fondly referred to as Rapunzel.  

Check out record hair lengths for dazzling depictions of women and men with very long hair.

“Many cultures around the world, from Native Americans to Sikhs, believe that hair has a special significance. Cultural beliefs about our hair and how it can affect us go back as far as recorded history. Many ancient cultures believed there is power in uncut hair.

Their beliefs around long hair, as many of their beliefs, are tied to the earth and nature. The long hair has symbolic significance tying them to mother earth whose hair is long grasses. Many Native Americans believe their hair is a physical manifestation of the growth of the spirit, and some say it allows for extrasensory perception, and connection to all things”, Long Hair in Native American Culture – The Longhairs, writes.

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