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Voters in New Hampshire, are closely divided in the presidential and Senate races The latest polls show the gap between Clinton and Trump narrowing. Clinton is still leading, the polls say, by a margin of 46 to 42 %. An NBC poll places Republican Ayotte ahead of Democrat Hassan 48/47. The Senate candidates have both spent over $50 million each on their campaigns so far.

A significant number of voters have expressed their concern over the age of the two presidential candidates, and surprisingly, the issue of opiate (usually heroin) usage and overdoses are on the minds of voters too. Voters continue to say over and over that “Whoever gets into office needs to pay attention to the drug issues.”

Donald Trump has repeatedly called attention to the heroin issue at debates and while stumping through the state. Hillary Clinton has done little to confront the drug issues throughout her career other than to support draconian sentencing laws for young African Americans she referred to as “super predators.” Clinton is campaigning in New Hampshire for herself and Hassan. Ayotte has been running an ad that is criticizing Gov. Maggie Hassan’s support for Obamacare.

Meanwhile, the BedfordBulletin wrote a piece concerning the age of the presidential candidates, their running mates, and the tragic possibility of the mate taking over as President.

The paper wrote, “This year, we have two elderly candidates. Donald Trump is 70, and Hillary Clinton is 68. While Trump appears to be healthy, the same is not true for Clinton. Clinton obviously has some serious health problems, and there is a good possibility that she could croak or become incapacitated before her term of office ends on Jan. 20, 2021.” 

The paper added, “Voters need to take a close look at Kaine,” and opined that he displayed “poor character” and has done some “creepy things” in the past.

Voters in New Hampshire are also greatly concerned about immigration, terrorism, and security issues. One woman said, “I would like to have a woman as President, but I think we need someone strong like Trump.”

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