Cats and Dogs Are Still Being Killed, Tortured, and Eaten at Yulin Festival in China.

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China’s government will reportedly ban dog meat from being sold at this year’s annual and barbaric Yulin festival. However, it is likely cats will be served instead. Animal rights activists note that previously alleged bans on dog meat have usually not prevented the Yulin festival from occurring, according to Brietbart.

“Yulin dog meat festival organizers routinely skin, boil, hang, and cut the limbs off of dogs while they are still alive.” 

Some experts say the ban is a ruse designed to keep the spotlight off of the increasingly common practice of slaughtering and serving the helpless animals. Marc Ching, the founder of  Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, said the following in a statement:

“Every year, they say the same thing, and when the festival happens, thousands of dogs are tortured. But do not let up the fight. Do not think for one minute it is over. Protest. Use your words and your voice. Be their hero. 

 Scream for them because that is what they do when they are tortured. Be their voice, because as they are drowned, they have no words. Speak until we see the end. Stand until justice is served.”

We hope that these practices will be totally stopped. It is hard to conceive of crueler practices.

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