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Robert Durst was arrested in New Orleans late Saturday on a first-degree murder warrant issued out of L.A. County for the murder of Susan Berman. Durst was a friend of Berman whose dad worked with the mob that included familiar gangsters like Bugsy Siegel and the New York crime syndicate to change Las Vegas from a sleepy “small potato” hangout into a glitzy star-riddled gambling mecca that operated at the whim of the hoods.  Berman’s body was discovered in her home by police on Christmas Eve 2000 by the LA Police with a single entry gunshot wound to the head, a method and style of execution suspiciously similar to traditional mob killings over the past several decades although nobody is making that claim; instead, LAPD homicide detective Paul Coulter made it clear that he would like to have a sit-down with Durst and said, “There’s nobody else we’re looking at”. Durst is not a man above reproach, questions have coiled around him for years, including the unsolved killing of his friend 15 years ago, his wife’s sudden disappearance in 1982, and the murder and dismemberment of his neighbor in Texas in 2001; he was acquitted of that charge, the jury had decided he acted in self-defense- although he had jumped bail in the matter and was arrested for shoplifting a chicken sandwich in Pennsylvania and brought back to Texas for trial. Durst remains in custody in Louisiana pending his return to California.

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