China Criticizes US Handling of Protests: Try saying something bad about President-for-life Xi Jinping

The Chinese government is criticizing the US over the police methods used in various protests and riots across the country and the United States’ opposition to China during the recent Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrations. Chinese officials say the US has employed a double standard.

The leaders say that China enjoys greater social stability and that Beijing is a “responsible global leader” and are standing in solidarity with other countries in “condemning the racial disparity and injustice in the United States.

The BBC reported, “China’s state news agency Xinhua described the US civil unrest as “Pelosi’s beautiful landscape” – a reference to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment last summer that the Hong Kong protests were “a beautiful sight to behold”. Nancy Pelosi “glorifies violence,” the agency said.

What the Chinese government is not saying is that direct criticism of President-for-life Xi Jinping is outlawed. The protests and rioting observed the past couple of weeks in America would have been met with immediate and lethal suppression. China is hardly in a position to criticize the United States, where protests are concerned.

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