We know it is early, but we are now able to report on the 2016 Presidential election results based upon informed supposition, hyperbole and yes, some guesswork. Rep. Governor Christie defeated former Dem. Governor O’Malley by a less than 1 percent margin.

Here is what happened. Christie was able to overcome the presidential odds noted by some political observers mainly through his last- second support of undecided moderate female voters and O’Malley’s inability to motivate discouraged “Hillary” feminists to vote for him, and his failure to unite the far left and moderate sector of his party. O’Malley also suffered from a widely held view that he was “soft on crime” based largely on his opposition to the death penalty. Death Sentences Commuted

Although Hillary Clinton has remained mostly silent since her primary loss to O’Malley, it seems clear that she is still very sore at mainstream publishers who wrote critically of her prior to her formal declaration for office. In one article a liberal-leaning magazine asked their readers to “Vote no to a Clinton dynasty”. But, perhaps what troubled her most were the opinions that appeared in widely popular websites which urged her to become more compassionate and lose the angry demeanor.

Any legacy that Christie may leave the White House with is way too early to speculate about- even for us. But we hope that he is able to bridge the gap between him and the Democrats, and some commuters early on in his new position.


We of course, joke and make fun of the upcoming presidential election knowing that many of the front- runners who are now finishing first, will later be last, to quote singer/song writer, Bob Dylan. But we can’t help notice how some publishers are already jumping into the early coverage of the political fray- especially the New York Times, where their penchant for Hillary Clinton is only thinly disguised in the form of articles, portraying Jeb Bush as the more palatable  candidate for middle-of-the-road Republicans, and what a tough path it will be for Gov. Christy to overcome this perception, or about Christy’s lavishness and fondness for luxurious travel benefits, that are paid for by others who may have something to gain by bestowing gifts on the governor. First, we don’t think anyone associated with  Clinton, Inc. would dare make this challenge, and second, there isn’t a “snowball’s chance in hell” that this country will accept a third Bush reign. So, that leaves Christy, but the NYT does not have to worry so much about Christy now; rather, they should be writing positive pieces about Gov. Omalley, the most likely Democratic candidate to be facing Christy in the general election. Just saying. . .

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