The Clinton Candidacy Caused the NY Times to Suck all Notions of Fair and Honest Words From Their Pages

In the last few hours before the election, the New York Times took this final opportunity to describe how chaotic and discombobulated Trump’s last days are going: The infighting between campaign staff, volunteers, and campaign hierarchy is described as fatally desperate; Trump is depressed and resigned. There is little to be optimistic about: “The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast.”

In contrast, Clinton is making her final rounds flanked by superstars, spreading the good and positive messages of hope, prosperity, inclusivism, “a sunny and optimistic summation of her candidacy,” the Times glowingly opined.

To the very end, the Times twisted distorted and perverted the truth about their arch enemy, Donald Trump. The Times stopped being an honest publication and shamefully campaigned for Clinton in their editorials and skewed their “news” articles to make Trump appear unfit. 

As long as I can recall, the Times has been tagged as a liberal sheet, but through the years they have provided a semblance of balance. This year, the prospect of a Clinton Presidency sucked all notions of fair and honest words from their pages and replaced them with vitriolic, venomous,  and evil words with the malign intent to fraudulently impugn Donald Trump’s character while falsely casting Hillary Clinton as an honorable person.


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