Hillary Clinton Resorts to the Race Card and Star Power in the Final Leg of the Campaign

Hillary Needs to Work on Her Race Issues if She Hopes to Win.

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The presidential election has come down to one essential unknown: Can Hillary Clinton garner enough minority voters to turn out for her on November 8th. So far, she has not been able to muster the compassion that Obama was able to accomplish during both of his elections, and because of this lacking, her numbers are down from his total minority vote in his two elections.

But Clinton is taking no chances and has pulled out all the big guns of the Democratic party. She has dispatched the President and his wife to many of the minority-heavy hot spots in swing states to do her bidding. Celebrities, including Jay-Z and Beyoncé, are hitting the trail for her vis-a-vis concerts in places like Cleveland. “Slick Willy” was ordered to Colorado. Chelsea Clinton is trying to save New Hampshire– and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, as the New York Times reports, is going it alone– speaking to “adoring” supporters. Just as the Clinton crowds (and Obamas) as of late, have been attended by large numbers of minorities, Trump’s masses have been mostly white. In some ways, the last cycle of this election could be fairly characterized as the great divide between minority and white voters. The big question for Clinton is whether her reliance on star power will be enough to convince minority voters that she is in their corner

Another concern for Clinton is whether her reliance on star power will be sufficient to overcome some of her past gaffes. For example, she has previously accused young black males of being “super predators.” Also, many minority voters do not trust her because of promises the Clinton’s have made in the past and not fulfilled. Finally, voters of all races are tired of corruption, and Hillary Clinton is the poster child for a corrupt system.    

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