The Clintons’ have been paid at least $30 million  for speaking to corporations and related entities over the past 16 months.

A new book alleging that Hillary Clinton did favors while working as Secretary of State for big donors to the Clinton foundation and for others who paid big speaking fees to Bill Clinton, is causing a major uproar in political circles across the country. The book, Clinton Cash is scheduled for release the first week in May. The book is garnering a heightened degree of respectability because a trio of major news organizations, each who have known and distinct political leanings, have undertaken an agreement with the author, Peter Schweizer, which involves writings about further allegations in the book. Deals have apparently been reached with the New York Times, The Washington Post and Fox News.

According to an article in the New York Times, Schweizer said “We will see a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds”, in his book. The piece also reports that Conservative and Democrat “super PACS” are already seizing on the information in the book, and the credentials of the author, in preparation for their counter-attacks. The author has strong ties to former President George W. Bush and has made written contributions to conservative websites according the NY Times article.

COMMENT: This could be more of “politics as usual” stuff- when all is said and done, it will be hard to connect all the dots between the donors and those entities that paid for Bill Clinton speeches. Moreover, as in the past, the authors of Hillary books in the recent past have only thinly disguised their political and personal distaste for her- there seems to be plenty of that going on here too. The real problem is, that Hillary’s wealth is once again being highlighted, and that is a problem she cannot long endure, especially when she campaigns on the theme that she is a “champion for everyday Americans”.  The book is likely to remind readers that the Clintons earned nearly $140 million between 2001 and 2012 after leaving the Whitehouse. Hillary has her predictable supporters but she needs those “everyday” voters to win- she hasn’t done enough to attract them, and the wealth thing will hurt her politically.


UPDATE: 5/19/15: Hillary  soft-pedaled her answers to questions today pertaining to her private email use, relationship with the controversial Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton wealth and her decision to vote for going to war in Iraq. Not much was learned. The bigger question is whether the general public, as opposed to journalists, really care about whether she owns up to any of these matters.  It seems that most Hillary supporters could care less as long as she continues to support their special interests. These people only want to hear slogans such as , “It is time to reshuffle the deck”, “I want the emails released as soon as possible” and when it comes to her wealth, “I will never forget my roots”, etc. Meanwhile Republicans probable are not in a big hurry to have all the emails released at once- it may be better for them politically, if they are released slowly. Clinton will eventually be forced to answer these, and many other questions, as the election goes further, but for now, she can offer tidbits of information and get by with it. The public can expect a highly choreographed campaign with unprecedented funds, and just like in Hollywood (where much of her money will come from), the real truth will be a “willing suspension of disbelief” , with the infusion of human needs and interests and a semblance of truth, weaved into a fantastic tale which will cause some voters to suspend judgment about the implausibility of her answers.

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