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Hillary Clinton, and her campaign staff and supporters have railed against Donald Trump’s ownership of Trump University, even mocking the school with a fake infomercial that depicts the school as a fraudulent operation. Clinton has repeatedly been critical of for-profit schools, calling them “predatory” operations that have resulted in the accumulation of massive debt for unwary students. 

 But even if the allegations against Trump and his school were correct, it is the Clintons that have profited the most from such institutions. In an NBC piece, the news agency reported, “Over five years, former president Bill Clinton earned $17.6 million from the world’s largest for-profit education company, Laureate Education. Inc.

According to tax returns released by the Clinton campaign, the Clintons earned a total $22 million from for-profit education companies. Laureate’s paychecks to Bill Clinton made up the bulk of that, with $17.6 million going to Clinton in his role as honorary chancellor from 2010 to 2015. He quit that role 12 days before Hillary Clinton announced her run for president,” NBC reports.

What can you say? Just when you think the Clintons’ could not possibly be more disingenuous, yet another case emerges.

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