Throughout electoral history in the United States, the candidate leading the delegate count at the time of the nominating convention has won the nomination. This likely result applies to the Democrat and the Republican parties. No exception, the person with the most delegates has won. It would be an extreme event if the leader did not prevail. Donald Trump will have the most votes (if he does not have the necessary number of delegates) and he should be the nominee. His nomination is a foregone conclusion if history is to be properly credited. Many pundits have quacked about Trump not getting the nod. The media has widely encouraged speak about the possibility of Trump not prevailing. Fox News and CNN have dedicated large segments towards promoting a “brokered convention”. On Thursday night, Don Lemon, an apparent Democrat spokesperson and commentator on CNN, dug out a 50-year-old radical political video used during the Johnson/Goldwater election. On the video, the actor was portraying a voter who feared the “parallels” between the KKK, Goldwater, and Trump. What a blatant and biased piece by Lemon. Trump has never supported anything advocated by the KKK, and CNN knows that. The network should be required to disclaim the blatant political leanings of their commentators and whether they are so ethically challenged. No disclaimers appeared on the segment aired Thursday. Maybe I have these “news” programs all wrong, and I am simply out of the loop when it comes to the agenda of these cable networks. But I remember the days when they dedicated segments to reporting and analyzing fairly– that concept has long been abandoned. Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly from FOX News continues to devote over half of her show to anti-Trump rants. To her credit, she doesn’t pretend to be neutral. On the other hand, Lemon tries to play his bias on the down-low- that seems more menacing to us. 

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