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The Scales of Justice symbolize the idea of the fair distribution of law, with no influence of bias, privilege or corruption.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC in September of 2015 and said that she didn’t personally review her emails to ascertain which related to work and those that were personal before turning them over to the State Department, but relied on her attorneys to make the proper determinations. Mrs. Clinton stated that she removed herself from the decision-making, “I didn’t look at them,” she said. She said that after that process was complete, she told her staff that she didn’t need the personal emails, and they were deleted.

Now that we know Clinton has told repeated lies about the entire email scandal, and likely has placed the country’s national security in danger, it seems appropriate that Congress be provided all information pertaining to the emails. We will never know what was in the emails that she and her lawyers deleted, but there is a way to try to recover some of that information.

The lawyers and computer technicians, who engaged in the deletion process should be subpoenaed before Congress to testify about the substance of the emails. The subpoenas such include a duces tecum provision that requires each person to bring their notes or any other memorials used during the deletion process. Any attorney/client privilege that may exist should be suspended. Moreover, it is clear that such privileges do not apply to criminal activity or acts took that threaten the nation’s security.

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