Some Cool Examples of Women Overcoming Mental Health Challenges to Succeed in Business

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Mental health is one of the most significant concerns in the United States: Inadequate and ineffective early detection of mental instability, and treatment, particularly for young people, have directly led to a surge in crime, loss of life and heartbreak.

It is indeed refreshing to read about individuals who have been fortunate enough to benefit from mental health assistance. The BBC reports on three such success stories.

Laura-Leigh was put in the care of the Canadian Mental Health Association. She was suffering from panic attacks and men “scared the hell of me”– she didn’t dare leave her house. After receiving help from the Canadian mental health court, who fortunately focused on her condition instead of punishment, Leigh, inspired by her dog, started a company called “Pawfect Cuts Pet Grooming.” Her future now seems manageable is things are looking up for her– “she has a loyal customer base, and the waiting time for an appointment can be as long as four weeks.”

The BBC reports, “In Greensville, South Carolina, Nichole Livengood is a serial entrepreneur who also happens to suffer from bipolar disorder.

Rather than seeing her mental condition as a handicap, Nichole says it can be a source of strength, and that her manic phases are a boost to her productivity. ‘It’s like a superpower sometimes. I can multitask like a beast’.”

56-year-old Susan Jamieson has had autism, and she sometimes struggles with social settings. According to a BBC report, she says that the initial diagnosis stuck through her childhood, and her unusual behavior in the eyes of other children made her a target for bullying.

Susan has gone on to succeed in business. “Susan’s latest venture is Zoned Comics, a partnership with Marvel Comics to create anti-bullying comic books that give voices to children.”

These are three examples of people overcoming mental health challenges that once threatened their paths to a happy and successful life. We applaud the efforts of these women and the millions of others who have fought their demons and won the battle. We can think of no greater mission in the world than to support laws and programs that provide mental health assistance.

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