Ted Cruz took the stage in Indianapolis following the crushing news of his defeat and said he was dropping out of the race. He thanked the “incredible patriots who fought so hard to save the nation” and expressed his gratefulness to his family, his supporters and running mate. He said there was no longer a viable path to victory and that he had “left it all on the field” in Indiana. Donald Trump is now the presumed Republican nominee for President. He did not mention Donald Trump’s name. The decision was based upon delegate math, and it remains to be seen whether Cruz will ever endorse Trump– although he likely will. It was just a few hours ago when he called Trump a pathological liar.

Donald Trump, speaking at his Trump Towers, during this historical moment, focused his comments around the many themes he has been asserting, including the creation of jobs, improving trade deals and in general, “making America great again.” He called Ted Cruz “an amazing person” and said that he “is one tough competitor” and that Cruz has a great future. He had only a few comments about Hillary Clinton saying that she would make a poor President and that she knows nothing about the economy and business. He talked about the $4 trillion dollars we are currently spending in the Middle East and how those numbers need to be trimmed, the need to beef up the military, take care of the vets, build the wall, and create more jobs. He called for unity within the party. He welcomed the support of women and Hispanics– “I love winning with women” and we are going to say “Merry Christmas again” he said.

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