Cyber Attacks and the Election: Perhaps, the Truth Lies Somewhere in Between The Differing Views

If the Russians carried out cyber attacks that impacted the election, certainly somebody at the CIA would have data that proved this.

President Obama has made it clear that he believes the Russians hacked into the DNC and John Podesta’s email account, but he didn’t think those efforts affected the election.

According to people briefed on the conversations, Mr. Trump has said privately in recent days that he believes there are people in the C.I.A. who are out to get him and are working to de-legitimize his presidency who described them on the condition of anonymity.

Hillary Clinton said yesterday that Putin personally directed the cyberattacks because he “has a personal beef” with her. Clinton has openly questioned the legitimacy of Putin’s election in Russia in the past, and Clinton claims that he has had it in for her ever since.

Perhaps, the truth lies somewhere in between these differing views. Or at least it makes sense to opt for the position that judgment must be deferred until all investigations have been completed, followed by debriefings: This is clearly the more rational position to take. But it is not fun to be wholly reasonable, so we offer the following:

The Russians were likely involved in hacking. It is sensible to believe that Putin does not like Hillary Clinton. President Obama is correct in saying that the hacking efforts did not have a material effect on the election outcome. Donald Trump does have anonymous sources at the CIA who told him that some of their co-workers are operating behind the scenes to discredit his election.


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