John Kasich strikes us as a banal politician, that but for the necessity of campaigning, would remain in the shadows pretending to be accomplishing stuff. In the Republican debates, he acts like the opportunistic vulture who swoops in after the warrior lions have chased downed a wildebeest and sated themselves as he calls from afar for order and common sense. Of course, by that time, the dynamic and heroic acts have been completed– yet, he is there with his fake “old shucks, can’t we all be decent about this” sickening and trite speak. The fact is, Kasich has neither the cunning nor courage to make the kill in the first instance– he depends on the skill of warriors to do this work for him. We know why the New York Times endorsed him, he would clearly be easy to beat by most any Democrat. We are puzzled though when outfits like the “Dallas Morning News” chooses him from the Republican pack. They call him a “pragmatic leader” and a “get things done” sort of guy and gloss over his stint at Lehman Brothers, the disgraced financial services firm that collapsed, to the detriment of many ordinary, hardworking people. We think it takes a questionable mentality to work for a company like that, who according to “Fortune”, “filed for bankruptcy on Sept. 15, 2008– crashing the market and helping to trigger the financial crisis and Great Recession.” Kasich was not a responsible Lehman executive where he was a managing director from 2001 until the firm’s collapse. We do not think he would be very responsible if he had the reigns of the U.S. Treasury. Can you imagine the fodder his background would provide for the Democrats? The “Dallas Morning News” clearly got it wrong when they recommended him. For that matter, could you picture him negotiating with Russia or China on economic issues– you have actually to be in the fighting arena to win there, not lingering calculatingly in the shadows while whispering peacekeeping nothings.

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