In what has become a rash of inappropriate sexual incidents between teachers and their students, yet another teacher has been charged criminally with sexual abuse by a person in a position of authority in Delaware this past week. Stephanie Seabury (22) was charged with such conduct, involving a 13-year-old student in Dover, Delaware and was released upon posting a $40,000 bond. She was an English school teacher at the Fred Fifer III Middle School which is part of the Caesar Rodney School District. She allegedly exchanged several explicit text messages with the student as well. The Superintendent of the district announced that she had been suspended with pay pending further investigation. Records indicate that she graduated from the University of Delaware last year. Seabury is presumed to be innocent of all charges.

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  1. UPDATE: Stephanie Seabury pleaded guilty to a fourth degree criminal count and received a probationary sentence with conditions; one condition is that she must register as a sexual offender. There are likely other conditions, however, she avoided an actual jail term.
    COMMENT: This appears to be an appropriate sentence in this case. In matters of this nature, jail is seldom the answer. Ms. Seabury has already been punished on several other fronts, including the apparent loss of her teaching license, and the normal stigma attached to such offenses. Counseling and treatment for all the parties involved is often the appropriate remedy.

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