Democrat Officials in Minnesota Use Virus Excuse to Blockade Trump Rally

Democrat officials’ interference marred Trump’s Rally in Rochester at the last second over crowd size. Moments before the event was about to happen, Trump officials were forced to reduce its crowd size to 250 people.

The rally went forward anyway, and thousands of Minnesotans showed up standing just outside the fences that separated Trump from his supporters.

Trump supporters were visually angry over the Democrat induced blockade. Many had taken time from work, and others traveled great distances to be there. They wanted to be close to their President.

“What people need to look at is the extreme abuse of power,” State GOP Chairman Jennifer Carnahan said. “They are using every mechanism and tool available through the power of their office to play political games.”

Democrat leaders tried to dodge blame and implanted the usual COVID-19 arguments as an excuse to limit the crowd size grossly.  

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