Democrats Continue to Use Covid-19 for Political Gain and Falsely Accuse Trump of Mishandling the Matter

Donald Trump said Monday that Democrats would try to steal the election in November by avoiding sending or accepting mail-in ballots from Republicans. He made a surprise visit to his party’s convention as they nominated him to be their presidential candidate. 

‘They’re trying to steal the Republicans’ election, that’s what it means,’ Trump said during his remarks Monday afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

‘In a very nice way, I will tell you, and they are trying to steal the election just like they did it last time with spying, and we caught them the Daily Mail reports.

It is likely that many, if not all, the Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted after the election is over. The Democrats are using the virus to gain political advantage.

President Trump has been an excellent job in fighting the virus, yet the Democrats keep falsely claiming that he has been doing nothing. It is a shame that the virus is being used for political advantage.

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