Democrats have no intention to accept the Mueller report, they will claim Trump’s character mandates impeachment

Trump was right from the start, the investigation has always been a witch hunt.

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Attorney General William Barr will likely release the “principal conclusions” of special counsel Robert Mueller on Sunday. Regardless of the conclusions, Democrats will scour the material searching for collateral damage to President Trump and members of his election staff. Republicans will claim vindication. Trump will reiterate his claim that the probe has been a “witch-hunt” all along.

Meanwhile, as the New York Times reports, federal and state prosecutors will intensify their pursuit to bring state or federal charges in New York. “Most of the investigations focus on President Trump or his family business or a cadre of his advisers and associates, according to court records and interviews with people briefed on the investigations. They are being conducted by officials from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, with about half of them being run by the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan”, the Times reported.


 If there are no indictments against Trump or members of his election team, Trump has been right from the start of the special counsel’s appointment; the investigation has always been a witch hunt.

The appointment was ill-conceived and was the product of a few questionable foes of Trump. It is true that some indictments were attained. However, the underlying factual allegations in these charges had nothing to do with Trump/Russian collusion.

Democrats have no intention to accept the Mueller report fully; they will try to claim that although Trump did not work with the Russians, his conduct was nevertheless despicable and he should be impeached.

Democrats cannot accept the results of the 2016 election.

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