Despite Trump’s repeated messaging about voter fraud, his message in Georgia today will rally his base to vote for the two Republicans

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Before President Trump’s rally in Georgia to get out the Republican vote, liberal media sought to cast doubt on Trump’s messaging. A typical example of this naysaying appeared in local Georgia media.

The Macon Telegraph  opined that:

“Republicans fully expect President Donald Trump to create some awkward moments at a Saturday rally in Georgia that’s ostensibly designed to help Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in their runoff campaigns. They anticipate he’ll continue to bitterly contest the state’s presidential result, castigate top GOP officials who have certified Joe Biden’s victory, and perhaps devote more time relitigating the November election than the two critical races that culminate in January 2021. But warts and all, they still think they may not be able to win without him.

Party operatives and officials believe the outgoing president’s enthusiasm still could be enough to tame Democrats’ recent gains in Georgia and preserve the GOP’s tenuous Senate majority in Washington. Perdue and Loeffler are defending their seats against Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, respectively, in two Jan. 5 elections that will decide the balance of power in the upper chamber of Congress”. [emphasis added].

The New York Times emphasized  the “staggering influx of money into the state in the first days of runoffs that were expected to set spending records, with more than $300 million booked in television, radio and digital ads, according to data from Ad Impact, an ad-tracking firm.”

There is merit to the contention that President Trump’s emphasis on his seemingly justified fraudulent election arguments could stop some Republicans from voting in the runoff. However, we expect Trump’s message to be forcefully enough to turn out his base to vote.   

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