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Hillary Clinton continues to dominate the pack of Democratic presidential hopefuls according to a smaller NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll  conducted this month although the poll findings indicate a substantial desire on the part of the polled for another strong contender to challenge her. The “everyday” person candidate, who still is struggling with the obvious economic gap between her and real everyday people, as depicted in her extravagant image  in a recent French magazine, showing her sporting an exceptionally large diamond ring, designer clothes, poolside at a very expensive abode, located in an exclusive suburban setting, recently made her rounds to “everyday people” coffee shops and the like, while campaigning in Iowa. The rumors are that the size of the ring alone, nearly the size of the one Tiger purportedly  had given to his wife after …., and Hillary’s ring allegedly given to her after, “I didn’t have sexual relations with …”, are causing some women to wish their significant others would suddenly develop a roaming eye- oh, how makeups can be bliss. The question remains whether “everyday” people will believe that her messages “ring true”.

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