No particular candidate moved the mark much in Thursday night’s debate. If any of them helped his candidacy some, it was Donald Trump. It was also obvious that Fox commentator Megyn Kelly was biased against Trump. Not known for her virtuosi in interviewing intelligent interviewees, Kelly figured she would start her questions with Trump by asking about his alleged polemic attacks against women over the years. (she didn’t ask this type of personal question to any of the other candidates).  Trump ignored the pernicious quality of her jabs and responded by joking that he had only been mean to one woman, Rosie O’Donnell. Kelly persisted with some pithy follow-up questions but Trump easily handled them. Chris Wallace also attacked Trump concerning the four bankruptcy actions he was involved in that resulted in substantial losses for the banks, however, Trump easily defused his questions by reminding Wallace that he followed the law and that these bankers are not the nice little bankers you might meet in your friendly small towns, and they all made plenty of money in the deals. It was clear that Trump maintained his no nonsense and honest style, especially when it came to whether he would pledge his support to the nominated Republican candidate- he said not at this time. It was a question of leverage that could be used against the Republican establishment if they don’t treat him nicely- he didn’t rule out his endorsement later in the game. He was also quite candid about his past political donation policies- he was a business man who may need favors later. The bottom line is that Trump passed his first test.

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