Donald Trump Should Pick David H. Patraeus for Secretary of Defense, He Got the Short End of the Stick Where His Extra-Marital Affair is Concerned.

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Gen. John Petraeus

As Donald Trump ponders his pick for defense secretary, some insiders say that he is laying the groundwork for David H. Petraeus, the retired Army general who served as the head of the CIA. Preparatory steps include Trump’s radical departure from his campaign stance on the prosecution of Hillary Clinton: The President-elect would be hard-pressed to resume and justify his “lock-her-up” mentality towards Clinton while advancing Petraeus to the post. The two positions do not mix.

A betting person, looking for safer odds (and less return on their money) would likely put their chips on Gen. James N. Mattis; outliers (longer bets) include Petraeus and Gen. John F. Kelly, the man who had overseen the Southern Command which in turn reigned over the dismal operations at the military prison at Guantánamo Bay.


We have always thought that Petraeus got the short end of the stick (or someone did- Discovery of Petraeus’s alleged extra-marital affair with his biographer, Paul Broadwell, led to his demise.) over the leaking classified information scandal.

After a closer review of his conduct, and taking into consideration his service to the country, we think Trump should choose Petraeus to be Secretary of Defense.

Petraeus worked as director of the CIA for 14 months (he resigned). By most standards, his career there was not particularly notable. However, he had an impressive military career.

Forbes reports that the four-star general served in the military for 37 years before becoming head of the CIA. “Among his many accomplishments, he has been credited with turning the tide of the war in Iraq and stalling the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan. Petraeus, 60, also pioneered the military technique of counter-insurgency, which puts more emphasis on protecting civilians than on killing enemies.”

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