Dr. Anthony Fauci will “keep us masked until the end of time,” Senator Rand Paul says: He may be right

“John Hanson from The Political Insider reports, Sen. Rand Paul said recently that White House coronavirus task force member, Dr. Anthony Fauci, will “keep us masked until the end of time.” Paul was interviewed on NewsMax, where host Bob Sellers said to the libertarian-leaning Republican senator, “We’re going into the winter. We’re being warned it’s going to be a bad winter when it comes to COVID,”  Red State of Mind Daily reports.

Paul’s summation should not be dismissed out of hand. Fauci and others have delivered mixed directions regarding masking and related issues. At times, it appears that some of the experts are playing to the media; they seem to enjoy the spotlight. On balance, the public is left to wonder whether masking is effective. Given the number of people who have contracted the virus while wearing masks tends to diminish the value of wearing them.

Further complicating the mask dilemma is the never-ending conflicting rules about shut-downs, school closings, and other restrictions enacted by various governors; the difference between states is remarkable. For the most part, state officials are merely playing it safe; this rationale reminds me of the  adage regarding one’s belief in God: “Why take the chance it’s only a belief.”

We understand the virus is real and dangerous. However, we object to the scattered messages being delivered by so-called experts who cannot agree on masking major aspects. We object because state leaders impose oppressive restrictions on these messages that affect individual citizens’ liberty issues and small business owners. The public deserves rational continuity on these matters before certain restrictions are imposed. We also think Senator Paul’s observations are correct; we would add that some experts should focus less on maintaining their public image.

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