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Only in New York City could a clown, appearing out of nowhere, bring a type of terror to many. Most people associate clowns with amusement, often performing at birthday parties, circuses, and other public events- designed to entertain, not frighten; a clown is a jester. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in New York where more than one person has reported “creepy” sightings of a clown seeming to appear at equally creepy locations- abandoned roadways, darkened alleys, and the like.  It doesn’t appear to be a straightforward matter since little is known about the clown. Moreover, according to one confidential source, “one hates to paint a clown with too broad of a brush. After all, this thing may be a prank or a marketing ploy designed to bring attention to an upcoming book or movie or something”. But this “source” has never even been to New York and has no personal knowledge about the matter. Other prominent social psychologists and the like are apparently yet to weigh in on this eerie phenomenon. “Only time will tell,” our “source,” told us- it was only then when we noticed that he/she was wearing unusually large and wide shoes. Maybe this is something just clowns understand, or perhaps this is the start of a clown conspiracy- after all, they probably would blend well in some parts of New York City.

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