Eric Swalwell (Dem. Calif.) Offers Zero Evidence Supporting Russia/Trump Collusion in the 2016 Election on the Tucker Carlson Show


Eric Swalwell (Dem. California) claimed that he could prove Russian/Trump conclusion during the 2016 election and appeared on Fox News today with Tucker Carlson to make his case. Here are some of his contentions.

Swalwell starts by saying Russians Weaponized social media, implying that this process began after Trump surrogates met with Russian businessmen including developers. One such meeting allegedly occurred with Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen in Moscow where the parties discussed the possible construction of a Trump Towers there.

Swalwell said that the Russians offered dirt on Clinton, and shortly after that, Trump said during the campaign that he hoped Russia was listening and hoped that they were able to find the missing emails. Swalwell suggested that the July 2016 comments from Trump was a coded message. After these meetings, he claims the Russians started hacking more and that Trump’s son, Donald, Jr., thereafter predicted that the dirt on Clinton was coming.

“When we look back in 20 years we are going to be surprised that it [evidence] was right in front of us.,” Swalwell opined. When pressed by Tucker as to where the evidence was, Swalwell said he didn’t have the clearance to get this information. He added, “Don’t confuse evidence with conclusions.”

He also advocated for laws that would permit the confiscation of certain weapons from citizens in the United States that are presently lawful to possess and said those who do not turn in their guns would be criminally prosecuted.


Swalwell offered no evidence that the Russians concluded with Trump during the 2016 election. Indeed, everything he said was old and unproven allegations made by Trump opponents. His ideas about confiscating weapons are both dangerous and goofy. There are no positives to be drawn from Swalwell’s idiosyncratic utterances on Tucker’s show.

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