Even the New York Times Thinks North Korea’s Leader, Kim Jong-un is Intentionally Moving His Country Towards War

North Korea Will Have Trans-Continental Nuclear Missiles in a Year.
Kim Jong-un– pushing his country towards war.


The New York Times sent three reporters to North Korea to attempt to get a feel from regular citizens and some diplomats on how they view Americans. The reporters were constrained to interview only citizens who had been carefully brainwashed to utter scripted comments provided by the government.

The New York Times conceded that they had been duped by Korea’s “novice and reckless leaders, [who] are taking their countries toward what we fear is a needless collision.”

The reporters were forced to take quarters in an isolated region away from the capitol where access to state television was blocked (there is no internet in North Korea). The citizens are only permitted to watch TV that is, according to the Times, “essentially a military montage.”

In the video featured in the article, the reporters interview several people, including young students. It is immediately clear that all of the responders were answering with words pre-approved by the government. Several appeared horrified fearing they utter the wrong words. All of them denounced Americans, notably President Trump.

When the reporter’s camera pans the scripted audience of working countrymen outside of the capital, many of the people present with frail bodies and decaying teeth indicative of the weak health system. Around 75% of the money generated by the government is spent on the development of weaponry including nuclear arms.


We agree with the Times writers that Kim Jong-un is moving his country towards a war with multiple countries. It seems clear that North Korea will be capable of launching a nuclear-capable, intercontinental ballistic missile as early as next year.

Trump should respond by taking out test sites from which the North Koreans have been launching along with other strategic attacks. Efforts should be made to eliminate Jong-un and his associates. Once the government is crippled and eventually removed, we believe that the majority of North Koreans will be released from the lethal spell the government has cast over them, and normal relations between the countries will ensue.

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