Everyone knows that the Russians did not impact the election– the Mueller investigation is a joke at the expense of taxpayers.

Senator Feinstein, talking nonsense again.

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President Trump under attack from liberal rivals.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, an ultra-liberal Democrat of California, who serves on the judiciary committee, said they are conducting their own Trump-Russia inquiry. On Sunday she said  “what we’re beginning to see is the putting together of a case of obstruction of justice” against the president

Feinstein speculated that Trump fired former FBI director Comey because “he did not agree to lift the cloud of the Russia investigation.” Feinstein told NBC’s Meet the Press. “That’s obstruction of justice.”

Meanwhile, President Trump launched an attack on Twitter on the FBI after Michael Flynn’s recent guilty plea where he admitted lying to the FBI. Trump said the bureau’s reputation is “in tatters.”—worst in history.”

Townhall.com reported ”President Donald J. Trump responded via Twitter this morning to the New York Times and Washington Post reports that a top FBI agent named Peter Strzok had been removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian election interference investigation probe. As reported yesterday, Strzok has supposedly been removed from the Russian investigation due to a series of anti-Trump texts exchanged between himself and FBI attorney Lisa Page. Page and Strzok were allegedly having an affair, as far back as the Clinton e-mail investigation which Strzok was leading as well. This calls into question the integrity of both investigations, though some say it bolsters Mueller’s reputation as a man of justice and commitment to the rule of law because he “moved swiftly” to remove Strzok from the ongoing Russian investigation.”


The Trump-Russian investigation seems to us to be the product of political and biased motives. “The investigation by the Justice Department’s special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, into links between the Trump campaign and Russia has cost American taxpayers almost $7 million in its first four and half months, according to a statement of expenditures released on Tuesday,”  according to the New York Times. Mueller has not proven any collusion between Trump and Russia that affected the election.,'” 

What an incredible waste of the hard-working taxpayer’s money. Here we have a special prosecutor, who probably is already receiving a pension from the government for his time at the FBI, spending vast sums for an investigation that is questionable at best. What a shame. The President should fire him now, and the nation should turn their attention to the real issues—the economy, high taxes, healthcare and other matters essential to the average taxpayer’s world.  Everyone knows that the Russians did not impact the election– the investigation is a joke at the expense of taxpayers.

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    Couldn’t agree with you more!

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