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*  Just kidding, we thought this would be funny to write. If you like this piece, send us $500 in ten dollar bills– we will use the cash for fast motorcycles, young women and old whisky (from an old country song, except substitute horses for motorcycles). Second thought, don’t send money, just deliver the motorcycles (Harley D’s please) and whisky–we will find our own women. If we like your stuff, we will keep you on our “giving list”– it will make you feel special. Ah, one last thing, we are not really kidding– this is a mining technique designed to ferret out people who traffic in ten dollar bills, ride Harleys (or fast horses), drink whisky (or any other booze) and like young (21 and above but below 63.5) women. See how this works?– We know who you are before you do. If we asked you if you own a lawn mower and you say yes, we then know that you own a house, have a lawn, kids, and you like women, motorcycles, whisky (or some other booze) and you cheat on your mate. How can we be sure about your cheating?– easy, it is impossible to have these things and not be a cheater unless you simply aren’t– and then we would know that too.


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