False narratives advanced by liberal teachers’ misguided monolithic belief in systemic racism hurts academia

We have condemned teachers in our public schools who used classroom time to denounce Donald Trump’s alleged systemic racism; the false narratives driven by liberal teachers’ deceived monolithic belief in systemic racism helped carry the day for an awkward President-Elect.

Unfortunately, being mostly unexposed to the truth, students eventually subscribed to these toxic messages; this led to the republishing of their teachers’ words via social media, appending to the falsehoods; the computer adage “Junk-In-Junk-Out” was ignored.

Time-honored beliefs of men and women joined together to promote the common good were displaced by subscription to self-interest and identity politics. The message was reinforced through shame and denunciation, exclusion, the remote use of digitalism, and toxic untruths thrust on young unsuspecting students.

Some teachers’ political dogma diverts students from the purported platform of learning a concept that increasingly becomes less relevant to self-interested teachers.

Partial source:  Joshua Mitchell  American Awakening: Identity Politics and Other Afflictions of Our Time.

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