Far Left Blames NRA for Las Vegas Massacre

The absolute senseless killing and maiming of over 500 Americans in Las Vegas, Nevada have brought the far left to the extreme. CNN reporter Jeff Zelenny was quick to report that the victims were likely Trump supporters.  Other Democrats were fast to place the blame on the senseless killings and injuries of many great Americans on Trump. Other news networks, including MSNBC, heaped the blame on gun advocates notwithstanding the clear evidence that organizations such as the NRA had zero complicity with the gruesome events in Las Vegas.

It is clear that the killer’s insane actions were unconnected to the goals and advocacy of any pro-gun groups. It is a sickening advocacy on the part of the extreme left to make the case that the killer was in any way acting in conformity with the stated goals of such groups.

Clinical Psychologists and other analysts will opine for months over what caused the shooter to open fire on a helpless group of country western concert attendees. We believe there will never be a right response to a psychopathic killer’s decision to shoot randomly at concert goers.

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