Far Left Media turns Attention to Devin Nunes Amidst Multiple Falsehoods

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Ellen Nakashima’s attempted hit piece on Trump appointee Michael Ellis included multiple falsehoods:

In March 2017, [Ellis] gained publicity for his involvement in a questionable episode involving [Devin] Nunes, who was given access at the White House to intelligence files that Nunes believed would buttress his baseless claims of the Obama administration spying on Trump Tower.

News reports stated that Ellis was among the White House officials who helped Nunes see the documents — reportedly late at night, earning the episode the nickname “the midnight run.

Nakashima is intentionally misdescribing an episode early in Trump’s term when Rep. Devin Nunes’ investigation revealed rampant unmasking by Obama officials against Trump campaign and transition associates. That rampant unmasking was later admitted to by various Obama officials, up to and including National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Former Vice President Joe Biden would eventually be implicated in some of the unmaskings.

 Nunes never claimed that Trump Tower specifically was spied on. In fact, he said there was no evidence of spying on Trump Tower. And that was reported at the time of the rampant unmasking coming to light.

For instance, NPR wrote ‘House Intelligence Chair: No Evidence Of Alleged Trump Tower Wiretap.’ The Associated Press reported that Nunes said, “Was there a physical wiretap of Trump Tower? No, there never was,” and ‘There was no FISA warrant I am aware of to tap Trump Tower.’

The Guardian’s headline read, ‘House intelligence chiefs: we have seen no evidence for Trump’s wiretap claim. ’The subhead was “Republican Devin Nunes says he does not believe there was ‘an actual tap of Trump Tower’ as committee leaders say they are still waiting for evidence.’

In direct contradiction of the factual record, these intentional falsehoods from Nakashima are part of Big Media’s lengthy campaign against Nunes, who has repeatedly shown the media’s full-throated and award-winning participation in the Russia collusion hoax to be journalistically indefensible.

That campaign against Nunes by the media and Democrats began with his accurate announcement that the Obama administration had engaged in worrisome collection and distribution of information on the Trump team during the transition,” Federalist.com. Reported.

These stories may seem old to many viewers. Still, the complete misinformation touted by Big Tech and far-left “news” organizations needs to be repeated to stress how these entities, through the continuous use of false narratives, influenced and significantly impacted the 2020 election. 

Biden did not win (pending legitimate fraud allegations) the election on his own; the coddled far-left “news” entities did it for him, mainly through the posting of clandestine hit pieces. 

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