Two-Decade-Old Allegations Against Rep Jim Jordan Surface Amidst Contentious Midterm Elections

The allegations Appear Suspicious

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Congressman Jim Jordan (Rep-OH) denies knowing any material information about allegations of widespread sexual abuse on the Ohio State University wrestling team when he was a coach there more than 20 years ago.

NBC News recently reported this week that former wrestlers Jordan coached are alleging that Jordan knew about the abuse that allegedly occurred at the hands the team doctor, Richard Strauss, and did not stop it.

In an interview with Politico, the Ohio Congressman “denied the accusations and said he would “have done something about it” if he had known.”

Jordan appeared on Fox News and denied any wrongdoing and added that “locker room talk” is different than ordinary official discourse when on the job in coaching scenarios. Some Jordan proponents and opponents have seized on the congressman’s reference to “locker room talk” and pressed for clarification.


Once again, allegations that are around 20 years old have surfaced to impugn the reputation of a politician. Jordan has adamantly denied the declarations and given the passage of time; there is little else he can do. We think that such belated utterances that are designed to discredit a powerful advocate during these tumultuous times are highly suspect. What is the motive of these accusers? Why have they waited so long to come forward? We are mindful of the impact that such potentially scurrilous accusations can take on—the words have a life of their own—especially where partisan advocates (including the media) promote the word’s delivery.

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