Former Playboy model, Kelsey Nichole Turner (and others) charged with the murder of her “boyfriend,” Dr. Thomas Kirk Burchard


Former Playboy model Kelsey Nichole Turner was charged with the murder of her “boyfriend,” Dr. Thomas Kirk Burchard, 71, a semi-retired psychiatrist. Police arrested her on March 21st.



Her roommate, Diana Nicole Pena, 30, has also been charged in the case, and  Turner’s boyfriend, Jon Logan Kennison, is wanted as an alleged co-conspirator in the murder case. Turner and Pena are in custody, Kennison remains at large.


Burchard’s body was found on March 7th in the trunk of Turner’s blue two-door 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe in the desert outside Las Vegas. Medical examiners put the time of death around March 3rd and that he had been killed by the use of blunt force to the head.

Reports indicate that Burchard and Turner had an intimate relationship fueled by Burchard’s funding of Turner’s extravagant lifestyle. Judy Earp, Burchard’s longtime girlfriend, told The Californian that Turner and Burchard had known each other for about two years and that he’d given Turner at least $300,000 during their relationship.

Turner and Pena have both denied guilt in the case scheduled for another hearing on June 3rd.


This case has all the intrigue of a Hollywood B-movie—sex, rich and aged doctor, young model, cheerleading girlfriend, and a younger jealous low-life boyfriend who likely is no stranger to violence (We don’t know, maybe the boyfriend is a proficient and well-intended pacifist, but that would be bad for the movie). But for the alleged bountiful gifts from the “charitable” doctor and the possible lure of enormous wealth, the trio would probably be faceless and less notorious. But now, the three may face the death penalty, although Nevada likely will soon abolish executions. Or maybe the three are not guilty of any crime, and there will be no movie—they are presumed to be not guilty. Time will tell.

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