Fox News guest adds little to the CoronaVirus Transition Issue: Why Air Such Segments?

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Dr. Thomas Inglesby is an assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, appeared on Fox news. His area of clinical expertise is infectious diseases, according to   

He earned his M.D. from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He completed his residency and performed fellowships in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

The apparent reason for having Inglesby on the show was to solicit his opinion on CoronaVirus transition issues.   

Inglesby has previously warned that events such as President Trump‘s campaign rally and ongoing protests over George Floyd’s death could bring about an increase in coronavirus cases but noted that he does not believe that lockdowns are necessary to combat spikes.

The doctor seemed opposed to the issuance of universal rules regarding masking. He opined that the virus was spreading at an enormous rate and fifty percent of those afflicted with the virus show no symptoms. From this deduction, he thought that masks should be worn indoors even while with relatives. He personally would be staying at home with his nuclear family.

Regarding the transition of CoronaVirus information from the Whitehouse to the Biden team, the commentator asked if he felt that the virus “handbook” Kelly Macananny referenced in a recent press appearance was adequate for now.

The doctor, who never said he had read the handbook or that he has any special knowledge thereof, said “No.” Instead, he rambled on about how doctors brief one another about patients’ conditions between shifts; apparently, the good doctor felt that the national transition issue was comparable to a routine and unrelated chat between shift-changing doctors. We are left wondering why this segment was aired.  

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