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Fox News Negligible Daytime Rip and Reader.


He trades in racism, doesn’t he, Shepard Smith asked a FOX NEWS contributor about Donald Trump following a Clinton speech today in Reno, Nevada. The commentator, James Grimaldi, a Wall Street Journal Investigative Reporter, told Smith that he quotes what people say and would leave such conclusions to commentators who provide opinions. Grimaldi rejected the label and Smith, obviously perturbed, move quickly to Jennifer Griffin who was at the Clinton event. Smith was able to direct her comments and get Griffin to agree with his anti-Trump opinions.

Smith agreed with Clinton that she was “historically correct” when she used Trump’s own words against him during this “historic” and “extraordinary” speech delivered by Clinton.

One thing about Shepard Smith, he does not hide his contempt for Donald Trump and his adoration for Clinton. But calling Clinton’s brief remarks in Reno today “extraordinary” is more than a stretch, it was merely the same old Clinton rhetoric. She accused Trump of hanging with bad guys, and was, therefore, guilty by association. She ignored all the despots that not only have befriended the Clintons but also paid them cash through their foundation.

Donald Trump had delivered a lengthy speech earlier in the day and called the Clinton emails, the greatest scandal since “Watergate.” He reiterated the shady quid-pro-quo arrangements the Clintons have held with foreign leaders and business owners who are hoping to pay for access to the White House.

We find Shepard Smith’s comments and opinions to be disingenuous and undoubtedly biased. He has bought into the ideas of the liberal media that Trump is a racist despite the lack of any empirical evidence to support the claim. Smith came off goofy sounding today. 

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