From Plagiarism, and a Hot Temper to Shady Deals Biden Makes Trump Look Like a Choir Boy

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Biden has long been a liar and shady (apart from his China actions with his son). Once he lifted phrases and peculiarities from a British Labour Party politician while making closing remarks at a debate.

Examples soon surfaced of Biden using substance from other politicians without attribution, and he acknowledged he had been accused of plagiarism in law school. To make matters worse, a video emerged of Biden exaggerating his academic record while speaking angrily (Biden has an almost uncontrollable temper) to a voter in New Hampshire, the Washington Post  reported,

“In 2007, Biden claimed that he was “shot at” in Iraq’s Green Zone; he later clarified that he was “near where a shot landed.” The following year, he told the Associated Press that “literally . . . hundreds of thousands” of people attended the speech that launched his campaign for Senate when the numbers were likely in the hundreds.

All-in-all Biden is not only dumb (hence the need for plagiarism,) he is totally dishonest. Indeed, he makes President Trump look like a choir boy.

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