Give Jeff Sessions the Benefit of the Doubt as to Whether he Spoke About Campaign Issues With the Russian Ambassador

Sen. Jeff Sessions


The Washington Post, regular critics of the Trump Administration, are reporting that Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, discussed Donald Trump’s White House bid with the Russian ambassador to Washington in 2016.

Sessions stated on multiple occasions that he has never talked with Russians about the Trump campaign. The Post reports that Sergey Kislyak told his Moscow superiors he talked about campaign-related matters and meaningful policy issues during two meetings with Sessions.

 US intelligence intercepts reveal Sergey Kislyak told supervisors he discussed the Trump campaign and policy issues during meetings with the attorney general. However, officials conceded that the ambassador could have mischaracterized the meetings in his briefings to Moscow.


One would have to believe the Russian Ambassador to conclude that Sessions talked about campaign issues. We are unwilling to draw that conclusion at this time. We do acknowledge that Sessions has previously misspoken about having any conversations with Russian officials and was later compelled to correct his statements. At this point, he should be given the benefit of the doubt as to whether he conversed with the ambassador about campaign matters.


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