Global Population to Top 9 Billion– Population Control is Needed

By 2050, global population will top 9 billion. It is questionable whether certain environs can sustain the demands this populace will heap on them. Farmers will have to nearly double their output, while also ensuring more nutritious crops. Optimists believe the problem can be alleviated through the strategic use of smart computers, drones, and other modern equipment.

Farmers have mainly relied on rainfall and irrigation systems for their water source. The distribution of the water through these processes are often uneven; areas that are diseased or overly watered continue to receive unneeded new supplies of water. Smart computers could detect these problems and correct them.


We have serious doubts about how successful smart computers would be. The remedy to the food shortage problem is population control. The mission should be to limit households to two children. Serious financial sanctions should be applied against those who violate the rule.


In a report filed by the “The Mail.”

A network of ‘Big Brother’ spy cameras is misreading 1.2million number plates a day – meaning innocent motorists could be caught up in police investigations while criminals and terrorists escape scot-free.

A bombshell report by Britain’s surveillance tsar has warned of problems with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, which senior officers insist is invaluable in preventing and solving serious crimes.

Around 9,000 cameras across the country take photos of up to 40million number plates each day.

But Tony Porter, the independent surveillance camera commissioner, said that an estimated 3 percent could be ‘misreads,’ causing criminal problems for innocent people

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