Government Shutdown: The Blame Game

It is likely that an accord between the Democrats and Republicans will happen soon.

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After elected officials were unable to reach an accord regarding some key legislative proposals, the government shut down. The Republicans needed 60 votes to pass the legislation or face a shut down (Republicans only had 51 votes). Five Democrats voted with the Republicans. However, four Republicans voted with the Democrats.

The immediate cause of the shutdown, which began at 12:01 a.m. Saturday after “Senate Democrats “blocked consideration of a House-passed stopgap measure, was a dispute over spending. But it was a stalemate over another perennially thorny issue in American politics — immigration policy, the topic that propelled Mr. Trump’s political rise and has dominated his first 12 months as president — that snarled the negotiations, as the president vacillated over what approach he should take,” the New York Times reported.”

Liberal publications were quick to lame the blame on Trump.“A bill to fund the federal government for the coming weeks did not receive the required 60 votes by the deadline of midnight on Friday. President Trump accused the Democrats of putting politics above the interests of the American people.

The Democrats blame him for rejecting bipartisan compromise proposals.

With crisis talks underway, Trump canceled a trip to his Florida retreat at Mar-a-Lago, where he had hoped to celebrate his year in office at a gala dinner.

Instead, as protesters marked their own anniversary of major anti-Trump demonstrations outside the White House and in other major cities, the president stayed in Washington, firing off angry tweets.”

Despite the usual criticism from the usual ultra-liberal publications, it is clear that the Democrats caused the shutdown. The Republicans had presented a bill that Democrats would typically not oppose. Moreover, the House had already passed an almost identical bill.

Republicans are saying the simple truth is that Senate Democrats refuse to fund the government unless we agree to their demands on something entirely unrelated. They want a deal on immigration. And then they’ll think about reopening the government.


A primary argument from the Democrats is the so-called “dreamer” issue where young immigrants illegally obtained their presence in the country at a young age. Trump and the majority of Republicans want them deported subject to reentry on a lawful basis. Democrats do not want them deported period.

The big question is who will the public blame for the shutdown? Under these facts, it is likely that an accord will be reached shortly and any fault will be short-lived and irrelevant. But if there is any blame to be assigned, it rests on the shoulders of the Democrats.

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