The governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, said he would commute the death sentences imposed in four cases to life without the possibility of parole leaving zero inmates on death row in the state. The governor’s action is consistent with his pledge to rid the country of the increasingly unpopular practice he made over 20 months ago when he signed into law a measure abolishing the death penalty which was passed by the Maryland legislature; the governor’s action was necessary now since the bill was not retroactive. The four inmates directly impacted by the decision include Heath Burch, Veron Evans, Jr., Anthony Grandison, and Jody Lee Miles.

Governor O’Malley leaves his office this month and is believed to be a likely Democratic candidate for the 2016 Presidential bid, a front-runner-position currently held by Hillary Clinton who continues to be criticized by Democrats who are leaning further to the left on social issues, including matters such as the death penalty and military aggression. Clinton continues to fare well in feminist circles. However, her popularity among many so-called “blue collar” workers is less than lukewarm, and O’Malley appears stronger in this segment of the population. The Clinton’s massive wealth, almost exclusively generated from their political positions, have not placed Hillary in a particularly positive light among traditional working folk who have been struggling to make ends meet- on the other hand, O’Malley remains popular in these segments. Clinton cannot count on the vast, mostly Democratic, African-American voter turnout and support shared by Obama for obvious reasons and also because of the continuing rift between the two.

Here are a few things Hillary needs to do if she expects to win the nomination and election: First, she needs to continue to be (or at least, act) more compassionate. (We suggested this months ago in “Hillary Clinton Can’t Win the Presidency Unless she Becomes Less Angry and More Compassionate”); second, she needs to abandon her husband’s advice and slowly sever her ties to the “Hollywood” types (except for their money) because most of her potential supporters are not swayed by their rhetoric (Most people do not consider these stars to be the “brightest bulbs on the tree”); and three, she needs to start making brief appearances at unique events such as country western outings, biker rallies (be seen on a Harley- in Harley gear!), sports bars, rodeos, mills and factories (even in the pubs many frequent after work), be a little more “hip” when it comes to trendy music, randomly attend Mexican, Polish, French, German, Italian, etc., festivals -Milwaukee comes to mind because of their many summer fests (speaking of Harley Davidson Motorcycles). Perhaps some of this sounds sexist, and that’s because it probably is- but we are suggesting these things in the event she wants to win the election, instead of reinforcing her base in an arena she will carry anyway.

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