On April 5th, Wisconsin will have their Republican primary. Donald Trump is currently leading the race where 40 percent of the voters are expected to turn out– the highest there since 1980. Although Trump leads in potential voter support, he is last in endorsements behind Ted Cruz and Kasich. The endorsement scam is largely the result of the so-called Republican “establishment” that is backed by the owners of the nation’s chemical, oil, pipeline and finance companies. These billionaires are issuing marching orders to the usual neoconservative Republicans– do not support Trump. The list of those obeying the dictate of the billionaires has just about dried up– Jeb Bush, the latest (no surprise, his family is in the oil business).

One of the last to decide is Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He has hinted that he may support Cruz even though he concedes that he cannot realistically secure the necessary 1,237 delegates– Walker said today, “I don’t think an open convention is a bad thing.” Walker will be a delegate at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Walker has vanished from the national headlines since his failed bid for President this year. It is unclear why he does not like Trump, but his failure to endorse Trump in Wisconsin will almost certainly throw him into an internal abyss of political failure nationally, and in Wisconsin where Trump supporters will not forget his betrayal. What Walker does not understand is that Cruz and Kasich are dime-a-dozen candidates, whose type are always running for an office. Donald Trump has resurrected a core of supporters who have been disenfranchised for years by politicians. Candidates like Trump rarely come along, his supporters rarely are recognized, together, they are a force to be reckoned with. If Walker does not respect this large group of voters (many voting for the first time), and endorse Trump, he will never win another election anywhere– and rightfully so. At the end of the day, we don’t think he will respect Trump’s supporters and have the courage to walk away from the establishment and their billionaire donor class.

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