Many popular vacation spots have bizarre and dangerous laws  on the books that can quickly turn a vacation into a nightmare

Carol Ann McNeill-Skorupan, 68, felt she had earned the right to go on a nine-day Caribbean cruise vacation that departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida headed for the first stop in the Cayman Islands. Once in the Caymans, she was informed that a .25 caliber handgun had been found in one of her luggage bags. She had a valid permit to carry license issued in Wisconsin.

It was when she attempted to retrieve her luggage that Skorupan was informed by the police that the weapon was found. If convicted, she faces a mandatory seven-year prison term upon a guilty plea, ten years if convicted at trial — unless the court finds “exceptional circumstances.” Her Wisconsin permit is deemed irrelevant by authorities in the Cayman Islands.


We doubt that Skorupan will receive any jail time—it is more likely that she will pay a substantial fine. However, this is another reminder for tourists to research the laws in their vacation destination. We do not recommend travel to the Cayman Islands for many reasons. For one, they are not US friendly.

Many popular vacation spots have bizarre and dangerous laws  on the books that can quickly turn a vacation into a nightmare. notes:

“It’s never been easier to travel the world than it is today. Adventure can quickly turn sour, however, if you run afoul of local customs and laws. Before you hit the road, hit the books and take time to research the dos and don’ts of your destination country.

Using data from the World Tourism Organization, Stacker compiled a list of the 50 most popular tourist destinations in terms of international tourist arrivals, ranked from least to most visited. There are arbitrary laws in each country. If you’re planning to travel abroad, take the time to research the foreign laws in your destination,  otherwise, you travel at your peril.


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